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Mission Statement


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Spirit Tumbling Classes

Mission Statement



            We at Spirit Gymnastics understand that many students and teams come to gymnastics/tumbling classes with the goal and expectations of learning and performing back handsprings and back tucks etc. Our very experienced and highly skilled coaches are here to help fulfill those goals. However, we may train students a little differently than may be expected.


            The main concern of Spirit Gymnastics coaches is the safety and well-being of each and every student that walks through our doors. Therefore, we do not employ the “chuck it” method in our training plan. We start with basic skills & drills for the tricks we are training for to create a strong foundation to build upon.  We train flexibility and strength to prepare the body for the strenuous pressures it will be put through in performing present and future skills. We train many different drills to prepare the body and the mind to enable the student to perform skills with confidence.


            The training our coaches provide may seem different to the untrained eye.  Skills may seem to progress much slower than students, parents, and team coaches anticipate, but once the foundation of good form is built we will be able to achieve the expected results with clean lines that will build to bigger and better tricks easier and quicker than the “chuck it” method. Also their skills will be permanent rather than getting it one day and spending months trying to get it consistently.  This style of training will also help alleviate chronic joint problems and pulled muscles.  It will also help prevent the tumbler from falling on their head, neck, or face.  This in turn will build successful confident tumblers.   


We ask that you keep this in mind:

           Our goal, of helping you attain your goals, is very important to us. We will strive to help achieve your goals in the safest manner possible. We will not compromise the safety and well-being of any student for the sake of a gymnastics/tumbling skill. Our methods are such that have proven effective and are evidenced by our many former and present successful tumblers/gymnasts and cheer leaders.


Senior Coaches

*    Coach/Owner Tammy Asam: Over 20 years experience as a professional competition gymnastics coach

*    Coach Rita Asam: Over 15 years experience as a gymnast, cheerleader and professional gymnastics competition coach, and cheer coach